Careers Careers 06/19/2019 Work opportunity in northern hydrometeorology;jsessionid=CDDB2D316DA0573DDCB01FD5A5FF6613?careerId=2476
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PCIC is seeking to hire a DevOps Specialist;jsessionid=CDDB2D316DA0573DDCB01FD5A5FF6613?careerId=2477
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Hydro Météo est à la recherche d'un(e) hydrologue en milieux naturels - chargé(e) de projets principal(e);jsessionid=CDDB2D316DA0573DDCB01FD5A5FF6613?careerId=2506

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Data Manager, Polar Data Catalogue;jsessionid=CDDB2D316DA0573DDCB01FD5A5FF6613?careerId=2536

Position: Manage, including archiving and making available online in the Polar Data Catalogue, the data and information produced by scientists from various Arctic and Antarctic research and monitoring programs in Canada and abroad. Engage with data contributors, users, and partner programs to broaden understanding of the requirements and importance of data management for science and society. (Term: 1 year)


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