President's Welcome


Dear Members and Friends of CMOS:

Welcome to the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) website!

CMOS has a long and distinguished history of advancing meteorology and oceanography in Canada. Our scientific congresses attract attendees from academia, government and the private sector from across Canada and around the world. We proudly recognize the accomplishments of our Canadian colleagues through the prestigious prizes and awards presented annually for scientific merit and meritorious service. Lists of winners and criteria for nomination can be found on the Awards page.

The North American landscape of atmospheric and oceanographic science is changing, and changing fast. In Canada we remain fully aware of these changes and do what we can to work with our Canadian and international colleagues, and our politicians, to maintain and enhance our scientific and technological enterprise.  As a professional society we are evolving and growing in order to ensure that we are able to meet societal needs as the Earth’s climate continues to change. As you can see, these are no small challenges, but as an organization that brings together Canada’s top atmospheric, climate, ocean and meteorological scientists, we are well equipped.

CMOS is a volunteer organization with incredible talent that we hope to better publicize in the coming year on our website.  CMOS membership is built on the activities of our 14 Regional Centres that span the country. In the last few years, we have introduced webinars on current topics of interest, built a strong collaborative base with the American Meteorological Society (AMS), and begun to improve how we communicate with each other, various stakeholders, and the general public.

We are making progress on becoming paperless and using electronic media to its fullest extent. This year, we will significantly reduce printing, postage and handling costs with the new paperless electronic CMOS Bulletin. Following on the success with our web App pilot for the Toronto Congress, we plan to make the Bulletin and our annual congress experience more useful, accessible and interactive for members, contributors and the general public.

Again this year we will continue to provide free CMOS membership for students.  I hope that students will continue to embrace this opportunity and continue on as full members of CMOS as they embark on their professional careers. 

I encourage all members to use the Member's Area of the CMOS web site.  It is intended to help you stay abreast of CMOS activities. You can renew your membership, explore the membership directory and society documents, download copies of Atmosphere-Ocean and the CMOS Bulletin, submit abstracts and register for the annual congress. Your suggestions for improvement of our electronic presence are most welcome and can be directed to our webmaster at webmaster@cmos.ca or to our CMOS Bulletin editor at bulletin@cmos.ca.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible during my year as President and I welcome your ideas and concerns at any time. If you have enjoyed and benefited from the activities of CMOS in the past, please consider volunteering your time to assist in our local and national programs. The internet can be either an extraordinary knowledge-sharing tool in the right hands, or a powerful means for spreading “alternative facts” in the wrong ones. Let us continue working together to improve our communications amongst CMOS members, as well as making more effective interventions with the general public and politicians on oceanographic and meteorological science and technology matters.


Wayne Richardson, P.Eng.

President CMOS