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Dr. James W. S. Young


121 Granton Drive, Unit12


Richmond Hill



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L4B 3N4


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M-Air Chemistry; M-Air Quality; M-Boundary Layer; M-Climatology; M-Forest Meteorology; M-Road Weather; M-Urban Meteorology; M-Weather Modification; M-Wind Energy; Advising; Consulting; Data Analysis; Data Assimilation; Data Management; Data Quality Control; Development; Emergency Response; Environmental Assessment; Forecasting; Forensic; Impact Analysis; Mapping; Modeling; Monitoring; Operations; Policy Development; Research; Resource Management; Risk Analysis/Assessment; Software Design; Teaching/Training; Technology Transfer


SENES, an acronym for Specialists in Energy, Nuclear and Environmental Sciences, is a Canadian-based environmental consulting firm.


The company was formed in 1980 and since then has undertaken over 6000 projects throughout North America, as well as in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australia, Europe, India, Russia, South America, the Middle and Far East. SENES offers a broad spectrum of skills and experience related to the atmospheric environment, including meteorological forecasting, policy analysis and advice, the assessment of impacts on air quality by proposed projects, management and analysis of air quality databases, design and operation of measurement networks and the development and application of computer models that simulate contaminant behaviour in the environment.


The Firm's main office is in the Greater Toronto Area (Richmond Hill) with branch offices in Ottawa, Vancouver, Port Hope, Calgary, Yellowknife and Saskatoon, Denver, Colorado, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. SENES Engineering Consultants Oman LLC and SENES India with a combined staff of about 50 professionals report to SENES Consultants.  An affiliated company, Decommissioning Consulting Services (DCS), has a staff of about 60 people and shares office space with SENES at several of the listed locations.


In March 2013, SENES Consultants and DCS were acquired by ARCADIS to form ARCADIS SENES Canada Inc.  ARCADIS is an international company, based in the Netherlands which provides consultancy, design, engineering and management services in the fields of infrastructure, water, environment and buildings. The combination of SENES with ARCADIS joins similar-minded organizations and allows SENES to continue to provide high-quality services while enhancing our capabilities with a broader geographic presence and additional service offerings. While the legal entity is ARCADIS SENES Canada Inc., business will be conducted as SENES Consultants.

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